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"I met Wolf almost a year after my sweet Gracie passed and I was conflicted about giving my love to a new puppy who was coming to me in several weeks.  Not only did he strengthen my connection to Gracie with some wonderful techniques, but he paved the way for Gertie to come into my life and be met with a fully open heart. It was a remarkable transformation for me and I was astonished by Wolf’s strong spiritual guidance. I can’t say enough about that experience."

Allison M.

"My husband Gerry and I lost our beloved 14 year old husky mix very unexpectedly. Although we knew the loss of Casey was going to hit us very hard, we were not prepared for the profound grief and emptiness we felt. Through our work with Grey, we were able to find some sense of peace about Casey's passing. In fact, we were able to start to think of our connection with Carey continuing, and to recognize the signs that Casey is still with us. Not everyone understands how profound the loss of a pet is - Grey does, and I'm so glad we were able to work with him and begin our process of healing. In fact, we are now the owners of our second dog, Charlie, and we feel this is in large part because of our work with Grey. We will always miss and love our first dog, but we also have found room in our hearts to love another. We are so grateful for Grey's empathy and wisdom, and his sensitivity to our loss."


northern lights photo with pink and green lights in sky by hill
schloe and pierre - white and black dogs next to one another

"Wolf was a big help dealing with our grief over the loss of our sweet puppies, Chloe and Pierre.  Despite intellectually understanding that their passing wasn't our fault, we felt that somehow we were responsible.  Wolf explained to us that "guilt is a form of grief" and that we could be in touch with their spirits by simply calling out their names in full voice.  At first, we felt a little self-conscious, but we soon came to feel a real connection with them.  Love is all.  Thank you, Wolf."

Dennis & Kathy

"If you have lost a pet and are struggling with the loss, no matter how many days, years after the passing of your beloved, Grey Wolf will be of help he has become one of my closest friends throughout the years and I wouldn't trust anyone else to help with the passing of a beloved pet. YES, this is an endorsement but I so believe in what he does that I had to. Thanks you GreyWolf for opening your heart and talent to all." Sylvie

northern lights with green sky
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