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white woman kissing a white dog and holding a cat in her arms - they are all seated on a couch


Pet Bereavement Counselor

Who's it for?  Those who have lost a pet.


We'll go through a customized guided session/meditation which includes a reiki healing. Also included, if desired, hypnosis and/or Bach flower therapy. These methods should not only explain what your going through so that you can have a sense of understating your grief & pain, as well as release any guilt, but start the healing process as well.  

Transcendent Pet Doula

Who's it for? Those whose pet are soon to transition.


Together we'll go through a customized guided session/meditation where you can go to a safe place & express what you need before your pet's transition happens, helping to eliminate any guilt or negative energy that may find its way to you. 

All sessions are 60 minutes.  Rate of $150/session.

Group rates available.

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